Team Svoboda

Who is TeamSvoboda?

We are a group of people who believes free games must stay free.

Game developers are getting greedy each day and to win money they are messing with balance of the game. Their slogan is like “Pay money to win” . To stop this , people must stop paying them money. As many gamer play to win , we are offering them another solution ; hacking. Until developers give up this , we will continue to hack their games.

We request no money in return . If you want to support us you can always donate but only thing we can request from you is to Have (FREE) Fun from the game you play.

For people who are asking to join us , we are not looking for any more members. If you really believe that your place is among us , use our Contact form and send a message about why you want tto join us.


Our Other Projects

We currently have only HackArchive as project that is “open to public”.