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Royal Revolt 2 Hack

Version 1.0

Royal Revolt Hack Hool Screenshot

About Royal Revolt 2

Royal Revolt 2 is a “free game” which is actually pretty fun to play. But like all the other game developers out there, flaregames got greedy and tries to get rich by making rich people able to cheat. Yes, this is basicly it. If you are rich then you can pay money to cheat and win over poor people. So, we have hacked their game and made everyone able to cheat.

Royal Revolt 2 FAQ

Can I Use It On My Android/IOS/Windows Mobile Phone ?

Short answer is, YES YOU CAN. For more detailed information about this topic please continue reading.

This hack is based on our Age of Empires Castle Siege Hack, but despite of it you are not only limitted to Windows 8/8.1 use. You can use it on any device, as long as you have a windows computer to run the program.

Connect your phone to your PC via USB cable and start the program. At the startup progress, program will search for Royal Revolt 2 game on your pc and on all of the connected devices. If it detects your phone, it will get your account information from it and make necessary changes on flaregames Royal Revolt 2 database.

What if I have the game both on my pc and on my connected phone? Program searches for the game data in an order. After it finds the data it’s been looking for, it stops the search. In short, if you have the game on your computer and on your connected device, Royal Revolt 2 hack program will get data from your computer not from your phone. If you want it to effect your phone, delete the game from your computer first.
Search order :

  1. Your Windows 8/8.1 computer (if you started program on it)
  2. Connected devices
If you have two phones connected at the same time, driver letter matters on select order.

In Your Videos You Usually Show Proof That Program Works, Why Not In Royal Revolt 2 Hack?

Yes,we usually try to show a proof that hack is working in our videos to make people get rid of their doubts caused by all so called hacks on the youtube and internet.

But, as you can see we have already hacked many games and we are trying to hack more games to reach more people. When game developers detects our hack we have to change our methods to make it work again. Also we need to take videos and update our website etc. If it wasn’t enough, developers send messages to youtube and other video services to delete our videos. So we have to upload them again and again.

All the work above plus our responsibilies in real life takes a lot of time and sometimes we have no time to show proof in our videos. We will try to make another video with proof for Royal Revolt 2 Hack as soon as we can.

Aren’t These Gem Amounts Same With In-Game Store Purchases?

Exactly, we’ve picked these amounts to make game think that you have actually purchased them. For your safety, try to act like a real buyer. So don’t stock up gems, think you have lots of money and when you need gems, just generate them instead of buying them.

Why There Is a 24h Limitation?

Generating gems too often and too much is a risk of getting detected by game admins. So we have limited it to work once per day. We believe max of 20k gems per days is a pretty good amount.

Royal Revolt 2 Hack Tool Instructions

  1. Download Royal Revolt 2 Hack Tool
  2. Extract the files inside rr2_hackarchivedotcom.rar using WinRar
  3. Make sure rr2_engine.dll, proxy.dll and Royal Revolt 2 Hack Tool.exe are all in the same folder.
  4. You might not see file extensions depending on your system settings.
  5. If you want to use Royal Revolt 2 hack on your mobile device, connect it to your computer via usb cable now.
  6. Start Royal Revolt 2 Hack Tool.exe
  7. Select amount of gems you need.
  8. Click Start button.
  9. Startup process may take sometime, be patient.
  10. DO NOT close the program while hack is in progress.
  11. After seeing confirmation box, you can close the program.
  12. Either start or restart Royal Revolt 2 to use your newly added gems.
  13. ENJOY !


Royal Revolt 2 Hack Tutorial Video

Download Royal Revolt 2 Hack

To Download The File You Must Either Enable JavaScript or Use A Browser That Supports JavaScript.

Version : 1.0
Working : Yes
Last Check : 20/03/2019

Rar Password :

* Problems With Rar Pass ? Click Here

Report From VirusTotal (Click Here To View Full Report) :

SHA256: 4a523d23f58300365d8297ad14e6970d7960166757acf17aba8af07779d1f8b8
File name: rr2_hackarchivedotcom.rar
Detection ratio: 0 / 53
Analysis date: 2014-10-24 16:43:30 UTC
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