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Team Svoboda

Who is TeamSvoboda?

We are a group of people who believes free games must stay free.

Game developers are getting greedy each day and to win money they are messing with balance of the game. Their slogan is like “Pay money to win” . To stop this , people must stop paying them money. As many gamer play to win , we are offering them another solution ; hacking. Until developers give up this , we will continue to hack their games.

We request no money in return . If you want to support us you can always donate but only thing we can request from you is to Have (FREE) Fun from the game you play.

For people who are asking to join us , we are not looking for any more members. If you really believe that your place is among us , use our Contact form and send a message about why you want tto join us.


Our Other Projects

We currently have only HackArchive as project that is “open to public”.

Help (FAQ)

Rar password is not working

Lately some of our users (about 7% of downloaders) says that they’re having problem with rar password. It’s always “” and nothing else . No capital letters. Honestly , we’re not sure why this error occurs but we have talked with file host and everything seems fine . We know it’s not easy to complete surveys, yet only working solution is to re-download the file .

There should be at least 4 or 5 survey choices . Each survey forwards you to a different file mirror . Because of that , if you have rar password problem just re-download the file by DOING A DIFFERENT SURVEY . Different survey will get you the file from a different mirror and it will work with 99.9% . This solution seems to be worked for everyone having this problem.

What’s Facebook ID ? Isn’t it dangerous to give it away?

It’s a number that identifies your profile on facebook. It is usually required by our tools for games which are based on facebook accounts.

Facebook ID can be easily found by anybody sees your profile. It’s not only seen by you. So it’s not dangerous to give it away. If you want proof visit one your friend’s profile. Click on some of their links (like pictures) and check the url with “profile id=” which will you his/her facebook id.

Can’t find my Facebook ID ?

Facebook has changed it’s system and you can’t find your facebook id from old ways (advanced users can still find their facebook id) . If you don’t know your Facebook ID nor you can find it , then you can use your Facebook Url as an alternative. We upgraded all our hacks to also work with your url . Even if program says you to input your id , just input your url and it will work.

What is Facebook Url ?

Facebook uses an unique url to address every people out there . Even if you haven’t created one for yourself , system will automatically create one for you . Enter your profile and check address box of your browser . At the end of line you will see something like “” . The “xxx” there is your profile id . Please be aware that not everything after is your url. For example if you see something like this “” just take “xxx” rest is not related your facebook url.

Hack Is Not Working?

  • Re-Download

    It happens often that files get corrupted during download. Since our tools are sensitive programs even a little mess in the code can cause program to malfunction. Re-downloading will be the solution to your problem.

  • Check for a New Version

    Check our downloads page if there is a newer version. Our hacks working on exploits in the games. Game developers patching these and we’re finding new ones. This causes hack tools to have a short life span.
    Hint: Sometimes older versions works when new versions don’t. Give a shot to the older versions if new one doesn’t work.

  • Contact Us

    If non of the above worked , we’re sorry but the hack isn’t working anymore. Use Contact to report us the situation. We will fix it as soon as we can. If you want to get informed when we fix it/make a new version , we advise you to join our newsletter.

Having Problems Downloading?

  • How to Download

    You need to fillout a survey inorder to download. Survey will only take a few minutes. After you succesfully complete it , download will unlock. Don't forget that you have to enter true answers otherwise it won't unlock.

  • I Filled The Survey Many Times Still Not Unlocking

    To prevent frouding , survey has it's own protection methods. Be sure that you enter true information. It's working and many people are downloading .

Game/Hack Tool Related Questions

  • (Pirate Storm) You're entering diamond value as 5000 , every new player has 5000 diamonds at the start. It seems fake .

    We have entered a random value in that video. It's totally a matter of luck. As you can see in the video , the profile had 0 diamonds before the hack. In the next version's video we will enter a different value for you guys but till then you have to believe our word . We are not demanding money anyway so try it if you want or you can always pay for diamonds.

  • (Galaxy Online 2) Can igg detect your hack? Wouldn't that cause my account to get banned?

    No , igg can't detect that you're using our hack tool by a simple scan. If you use it with high numbers and gain too much mall points (resources wouldn't get too much attention) igg "may" notice that and if they check your account details they will see that you're hacking their database. There's no need to tell that this will result with a ban. So use it on your own peril and try not to get too much attention. We're working on a free commander stars future for the next version. This will help you to use lesser mp which means lesser attention. Until then , try to keep a low profile.

How Can I Support You?

We would appreciate if you donate.

Edit : Donation is disabled for now. Please check again if you want to donate.

Survey Unlock Problem

Download not unlocking? Follow these steps:

  1. Use the correct information when completing an offer .
  2. Wait 30 seconds - 1 minute for website to automatically unlock.
  3. If the website does not unlock, please try a different offer.
  4. Make sure you go all the way through the selected offer.

When you have completed an offer, download will automatically unlock and you will be able to download the file.


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    Working Great!

    Hack tool for Top Eleven is working nicely ! Thank you !

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    Great website!

    I loved this new web page ! Amazing job !

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    Hard To Download

    My advice to everyone is to download it no matter what. Can be hard to download but it totally worth your effort .

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    Thank you TeamSvoboda

    I searched a hack for Dragon City for too long and found it here, thank you.

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    Just remarkable!

    I've managed to build a full base in Battle Pirates just in seconds.

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    It's really, really cool

    This new website is totally amazing !

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    Will Never Ever

    I will not pay money to buy in-game items anymore,  thank you TeamSvoboda.

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    Miracle !

    Hack tool for War Commander is working like a charm !

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    My Heroes !

     You are now my heroes Team Svoboda members, all of you !

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