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Hello everyone,
First of all, this is just an idea. We are still working on it and we may fail to develop a perfect system. Which means that we might end up with no membership system.

Anyway, let’s assume that we have managed to develop a perfect system. Here is how it will be and why we made it.

Why Surveys ?

Before anything else, let me explain why we insist on surveys. Yes, we earn a little from them. Which covers our hosting,proxies and other expenses. But real reason is, they limit actual number of users of our hack tools. Only people who really want it can manage to get it.

Don’t you want to reach more people? Yes, we surely do. But internet is a mess. People who had hard time to download a hack tool would only share it with their close friends. No one would put it on torrent or another source (also we carefully watch these sources and prevent any leaks). Therefore, game developers become less aware of our hack tools and it makes our hack tools life span a lot longer.

Why Membership System ?

While we don’t answer all your questions, we read them all and we know the problems. One of the most popular problem is that Wrong Password problem. According to statistics, %7 of downloaders encounter this problem. Solution is simple, re-download the file by filling a different survey. But we know it’s not easy to complete surveys.

Another problem is, new version releases. When one of our hacks patched by the developer, we have to re-hack it and release another version. New version means, current users will have to struggle with surveys again.

Last problem is, sometimes there can be no surveys available for a spesific country. Which stops you from downloading our hacks.

These were the problems on your side. About our side, with membership system we will be able to track our users. This will help us to prevent game developers from detecting them. Don’t worry, we won’t track anything personal about you. Keep reading and you will find more details.

So What Will Be Membership System Like ?

Let me explain it with a list.

  • It will be totally free, we won’t demand any money to become a member.
  • After registration, you will have to confirm your account. To do this, you will have to complete a survey. Yes, surveys again. Please see above to learn why we insist.
  • Once you completed a survey, you will be a confirmed user. Which means you have now full access to all our hacks tools. No surveys to download hack tools, just direct downloads.
  • When you start a hack tool, you will be prompted to enter your username and password. Program will connect our servers, check if you’re a valid user and then will start the hacking progress. If user is not found or if the user is unconfirmed it won’t hack the game.

As you can see, membership system can be a cure to all the problems above. Yes there still be surveys, but you will have to fill them only once. We will have a control over spread of our programs, you will have life time access to our hacks with no Wrong Password problem. Also, little income from surveys will help us the pay off server expenses and other stuff.

You Said It Would Be Free, What About Surveys ?

I have explained why we insist on there should be surveys. About money thing, we know some surveys requires you to purchase something. But there are also free surveys available for you. Most of the time you can find at least one free survey. Like registering somewhere, answering some questions etc. Just fill them with real information (because surveys can detect fake information) and you will have free access. Free surveys takes a lot more time, while paid once are quicker to complete.

What About This Tracking Thing ?

Don’t worry, we believe in freedom and we won’t collect anything personal about you. Here is the list that we will collect. (many websites and programs already collect such information without your knowledge btw)

  • Your Mac address and IP address. If you don’t know about it, you can learn more about these on the internet but basically; a mac address is your device’s physical name. It identifies your computer (or devices on it). IP address is assigned to you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). What will we do with them? We will check them to if a real user is accessing our systems or not. This way you can’t share your password with other people. Because system won’t let you connect to your account from different locations at the same time. We won’t save any of this information, and since we don’t have any information saved we won’t share it.
  • How often that you use the tool. This is for your safety more than ours. Some users use them 7×24 then get detected by game admins. The often you use the program, the higher chance of getting caught. So if you use it more than the safe limits, system will warn you. But it won’t stop you, just warning. If you want, you will be able to continue to use it anyway.

As you can see, Membership System contains a lot of complicated stuff in it. Therefor, it’s hard to develop and will take sometime for us to complete it.

Help us by sharing your opinion. Use the poll above or If you want to share more about this subject, please use our contact form.


bonus qa : What is “P : ” ? It means “Poll : “

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