Throne Rush Cheats

Version 2.3

Throne Rush Cheats Tool

Information About Throne Rush Cheats:

Required Skill: NONE
Detection Risk: Very Low
Time Required: 2 minutes
Operating System: Windows
Supported Browsers: Firefox,Safari,Chrome,IE

Although you can easily understand how the program works, follow the steps below if you need help.

  1. Download tr_hackarchivedotcom.rar from download link that can be found on this page.
  2. Extract the content of tr_hackarchivedotcom.rar into a folder using winrar.
  3. Make sure all necessary files mentioned in the video are in the same folder.
  4. Start Throne Rush Hack Tool.exe
  5. Start one of the supported browsers and go Make sure you have loginned to same facebook account that you use on your game.
  6. If you want to use Throne Rush Cheat on your mobile gaming, make sure you have connected your game to your facebook account and loginned to it as mentioned in the step above.
  7. Return to the throne rush cheat program and enter amount of gem, food and gold that you want to generate.
    Don’t try to get mass amounts of resource at once. Try to generate resources as you spend them.
  8. Ignite the process by clicking Start button
  9. DO NOT close the program until progress completed.
  10. After seeing the confirmation dialogue, you can close the program
  11. Done and done! Enjoy your free game

If you still need help, see the video below for a tutorial (and also if you need proof)

Video :

Download Here

Version : 2.3
Working : Yes
Last Check : 21/03/2019

Rar Password :

* Problems With Rar Pass ? Click Here

Report From VirusTotal (Click Here To View Full Report) :

SHA256: bebb736b8882c17b14464e320e85a8a9867e6dd9784d52e81f7026d77f942bfc
File name: tr_hackarchivedotcom.rar
Detection ratio: 0 / 54
Analysis date: 2014-08-08 01:03:09 UTC

Reason We Made This Throne Rush Hack

Actually it’s nothing special. As can be seen in today’s many games Throne Rush developers are just greedy. They only think about earning more and more money. To do this they are using players ambition to win. If you want to win then you have to pay they say. Well..We tell them no! We will just hack your precious little database and make people free of your greed.

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