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Version 2.0

Grepolis Hack Tool v2.0 Screenshot

We know it took a long time to keep our promise to hack Grepolis for gold, but we believe it worth it. The new program can now even add population. While you can see all in the “Futures” box on the right, let us remind it. Grepolis Hack Tool v2.0 can generate gold, wood, stone, silver, population with one simple click. As you can see in the video it dones everything automatically. You just need to input the resource amounts (including gold) to the related boxes and click start. Program does everything automatically and safely. You don’t need to worry about anything but to enjoy your game.

There is one slight difference in new version. It now automatically detects your game data on the open browser and adds all the resources to your main city found on the first server you are playing.
So if you are playing on multiple servers, this grepolis hack tool will do all the changes on the world which you joined first. But the generated gold can be used on any server as long as you use the same account.

Instructions for Grepolis Hack Tool :

Since there is a bug with which server it generates resources on, we need to make a step by step guide.

  1. Open a supported browser(Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE).
  2. Login to your game account on
  3. Start the program and do as seen in the demonstration video.
  4. IMPORTANT! Grepolis Hack Tool is currently only changing values on the server on which you created your first city. We will come up with a solution to that in the upcoming versions. Generated gold can be used on any server you like.
  5. Don’t close the program or your browser while hack is working.
  6. After seeing the confirmation window, you can close the program.
  7. Enjoy your free grepolis gold hack.

Since it has a new interface, we made a new video covering all angles of Grepolis Hack Tool v2. We didn’t delete v1’s video in case you need proof or a full guide. See them below if you want.

If you want proof watch v1’s video below. Since we have many projects on our hands we didn’t had time to make a proof video for v2.

Grepolis Hack Tool v2.0’s Video (Demonstration) :

Grepolis Hack Tool v1.0’s Video (For Proof & Full Guide) :

Download Grepolis Hack v2.0

Version : 2.0
Working : Yes
Last Check : 22/03/2019

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SHA256: d48f3558161e16d3e5403a4e3640647265b4027ce699810d37f19834c683f532
File name: g_hackarchivedotcom.rar
Detection ratio: 0 / 55
Analysis date: 2014-10-03 18:54:56 UTC

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