Galaxy Online 2 Hack Tool

Version 2.5

galaxy online 2 hack tool v2.5

What’s Add DLL function ?

It’s a new future that makes it easier for both you and us. Basically , it makes possible for us to make quick fixes to the program. So if they patch the exploit you can easily download the new dll and continue working with the program. It also makes it possible to add new commanders quickly to the list.

Why Commander Stars function needed while there is unlimited mp ?

If you get high level commanders through normal ways, game will show it in global chat and this gets lots of attraction from both players and admins when you get lots of 9 star Legendary Commanders. This way it will instantly give your commanders the stars you want. Still try to not make all of your commanders 9 stars as people can see it in battles. KEEP A LOW PROFILE for your account’s safety .

How To :

1- Unrar the file

2- Run “GalaxyOnline MultiHack Tool v2.5.exe” (Galaxy Online 2 Hack Tool)

3- Enter your Facebook ID or select your browser. (if you want to use select browser future ,GAME IS HAVE TO BE OPEN IN THE SELECTED BROWSER)

4- Enter amount of resources you want to add

5- Select your commander (it must be an already used commander)

6- Select the amount of stars for the selected commander.

6- Click on Start button

7- Wait for hack to complete



Tutorial Video :

* Tutorial video is from v2.0 yet we haven’t changed the interface in the new versions.

Proof Video (from v1.2) :

We know you trust us and there aren’t many GO2 players left, so we didn’t spend time to make another proof video. It used to work on v1.2 and now on v2.5 it’s working even better.


Download Galaxy Online 2 Hack v2.5

Version : 2.5
Working : Yes
Last Check : 21/03/2019

Rar Password :

* Problems With Rar Pass ? Click Here


VirusTotal Report for Galaxy Online Hack Tool v2.5 (Click Here To View Full Report) :

SHA256: 977b482f61e7cfad5b92039b318f13d7b41e02fb633accbddb112456e67617d8
File name: go_hackarchivedotcom.rar
Detection ratio: 0 / 55
Analysis date: 2014-10-01 13:55:53 UTC

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