Age of Empires Castle Siege Hack

Version 1.2

Age of Empires Castle Siege Hack Tool Screenshot

Requirements For Age of Empires Castle Siege Hack

  • First of all, you will need a Windows 8/8.1 computer. Developers make it only playable on Windows 8+ so it’s not related with us.
  • You will need an internet connection.
  • You need Age of Empires Castle Siege installed on your PC. Windows Store – Age of Empires Castle Siege

Instructions for Castle Siege Hack

  1. Download Age of Empires Castle Siege Hack.
  2. Extract the files inside aecs_hackarchivedotcom.rar using WinRar
  3. Make sure cs_engine.dll, proxy.dll and Age of Empires Castle Siege Hack Tool.exe are all in the same folder.
  4. You might not see file extensions depending on your system settings.
  5. Start Age of Empires Castle Siege Hack Tool.exe
  6. Select amount of gold you need.
  7. Click Start button.
  8. Startup process may take sometime, don’t worry.
  9. DO NOT close the program while hack is in progress.
  10. After seeing confirmation box, you can close the program.
  11. Either start or restart Age of Empires Castle Siege to use your newly added golds.
  12. ENJOY !

Age of Empires Castle Siege Hack FAQ

These questions are related to AoE Castle Siege Hack Tool, if you have more general questions please visit our help section.

Can I Use Age of Empires Castle Siege Hack Tool for My Windows Phone?

Answer is yes and no. You can’t directly use Age of Empires Castle Siege Hack Tool on your phone since it’s designed for PCs. But if you have a Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 operating pc (if you don’t, you can install it or you can use one of your friend’s computer) you can hack Age of Empires Castle Siege via this hack tool. Just make sure you use same account on pc version and mobile version and everything will work fine.

What’s This Time Counter?

We have locked program to work only once per 24h. We have done so to protect you. Some users use our hack tools to often and they get detected by admins. This way your account will be much safer. Ofcourse many users can find a way to bypass it but we don’t recommend it, again it’s added for your own good.

Why Did You Limit Gold Amounts to 4 Choices?

Yet again, this is another precaution added for your own good. Despite of our warnings, some people were inputting amounts like “999999999999999999” and get detected by admins. We believe 4 choices are enough (we got the amounts from in-game purchases). In the end we developed Age of Empires Castle Siege Hack Tool to stop people from spending money on in-game purchases not to make them a god in the game.


Tutorial Video

Download AoE Castle Siege Hack

Version : 1.2
Working : Yes
Last Check : 14/02/2019

Rar Password :

* Problems With Rar Pass ? Click Here

Report From VirusTotal (Click Here To View Full Report) :

SHA256: dcc915bf314077cd1546af10103e9d4ca7023b0dfbbe02e97f09487eecd75aca
File name: aecs_hackarchivedotcom.rar
Detection ratio: 0 / 55
Analysis date: 2014-10-06 14:01:14 UTC

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